Smart ICU

Manage critically sick patients at any time and from any physical location

smart ICU

Our SMART ICU (under development) is integrated solution having two components (a) paperless (eICU) software and (b) teleICU- to manage critically sick patients. The SMART ICU is a tool to boost ICU workflow and help clinicians respond more quickly to patient’s medical events at any time and from any physical location. It has been proven that such technology solutions can significantly improve patient outcomes, throughput, and reduce costs.

eICU captures, stores, groups, and presents large amounts of data generated per patient inside the ICU. It creates an integrated electronic record covering the entire stay of a patient in the ICU. It enhances the workflow in the unit from the moment a patient is admitted until the discharge. It assists the clinical assessments and care planning by providing tools to monitor, design and apply treatments

Tele-ICU is network of audio-visual communication and computer systems that link critical care doctors/intensivists (from their office/ICU or tertiary care hospital) to any intensive care units (ICUs) in remote/other hospitals. Intensivists can receive televised pictures and clinical data about the patients from remote hospital in real time in secure way. They can communicate/guide remote ICU personnel/doctor via audio/video call.