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Simple to use Personalized application for doctors by doctors

smart clinic

Smart Clinic : Personalized Mobile App for Doctors by doctors

smart clinic application

JShealthtech, Fastest Growing Cloud-based Mobile App Builder for doctors by doctors. Our service aims to help Doctors who have their own practice to generate an exclusive mobile app which will have information like:

  • About the doctor
  • Hours of Operation
  • Awards & Achievements
  • Office Video
  • Testimonials
  • Photo gallery, etc

Along with an appointment scheduler from which patients can select and set up appointments within the app itself. The appointments that patient will make using app will send to our cloud and it will forward to Doctor’s Office in real time.

You can get features like:

  • Unique and personalized branding for your app.
  • Reach your patients in real time with push notifications.
  • Make Real-Time changes to your app, with your live dashboard.
  • The app is Exclusively for your practice only, so the benefits are also exclusively for you.
  • Generate statistics & measure sales with Google Analytics.
  • Stay ahead of the competition and generate new patients.
  • Booking system with Secure in-app payments.
  • Messenger feature for chatting and video calling with the patient.
  • Send user reports directly to their app.
    • Give patients directions to the clinic via GPS.
    • It has Online video consultations.
  • App will be available on Google play store & iPhone App store with your name/Clinic's name. - which helps you in branding and promotion Available as Web, Android and IOS (iPhone) App.
  • You, your staff and your patients can download the app and use it.
  • It has Appointment Scheduling for multi located clinics/hospitals for Doctor and patient.
  • It has Clinical records management (OPD) - Patient can share reports and doctor can share consultation notes. So your patients' data remains with you.
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Medical Appointment Scheduling Software for the Doctors by the Doctors.

JSH Smart Clinic is a medical appointment scheduling software helping doctors, physicians, and clinics offer hassle-free appointment booking solutions to their patients. This online medical appointment scheduling software is user-friendly at both front and back ends, so it makes the process of appointment booking and schedule management easy for both doctors and patients.

Why Smart Clinic App?

Flawless patient scheduling is one of the key aspects of the healthcare industry. Being able to tackle patients efficiently and on time is crucial to patients’ wellbeing and to the reputation of doctors, physicians or clinical establishments. No one wants to go to the dentist with a terrible toothache and dread the obvious question, “Do you have an appointment?” Obviously, online medical appointment schedulers such as Smart Clinic have become an integral element of daily patient care. Professionals use it to manage patient scheduling, improve patient and staff communications, medical records and reduce no-shows.

Benefits for Patient Self-scheduling:

  • Easy customization as per your needs
  • User-friendly booking interface
  • Hassle-free website integration
  • Confirmation e-mails/SMS for that personal touch
  • Online booking software reduces waiting time
  • Smart scheduling for more personalized care
  • Incorporate modern medicine into your practice

Patient self-scheduling is a growing trend among healthcare professionals basically because patients need to feel they are in command of their time. According to a recent survey, patient digital self-scheduling is set to soar during the next years with at least 66% of health systems ready to embrace digital medical scheduling only in India also. Rather than keeping your patients hanging on the phone for minutes, why not prepare your healthcare business for the clickable future?

Whether you need to bring online visitors into your clinic, patients reports, or online consultation via video consultation Smart clinic makes connecting with your patients easy and effortless.

We enhance the doctor-patient relationship through one-to-one communication, customized availability, and care options that increase satisfaction for both doctor and patient.