Future of E-Consult

Future of Smart Clinic | Telemedicine for Healthcare

While the idea of video-chatting with a doctor online might have seemed sci-fi a decade ago. Today’s patients are very open to the idea and they adopt new technology for healthcare sectors.

Technology transformation like smart clinic gives you access to connect with others online. Many patients avoid a long wait in the emergency room or hospital for a follow-up appointment. So they want prior appointment. E Consult or telemedicine can solve their problem. Even if they are not available in city, they can easily connect with doctors or hospitals.

Purpose of technology transformation is to make easy and convenient process. This technology in healthcare sector will be the future of our society.

JSHealthTech develop Smart Clinic application for doctors, health professionals. It includes digitization of health records, appointment schedule for patients. If any doctor using smart clinic then they don’t need to keep file for records. They can easily save all records on their smart clinic application.

According to an HIS Technology report, there will be a huge uptick in telemedicine patients as doctors adopt telehealth platforms and start to offer virtual care.

That’s an incredible amount of healthcare leaders who not only believe in the powerful benefits of telemedicine (smart clinic), but are actively invested in building virtual care programs at this very minute.