Technology & Healthcare


HIT ( Healthcare Information Technology) has immense potential to improve clinical practice and patient care. Simple and SMART IT products/ solutions can improve patient engagement and retention with efficient time management of doctors.

Future of E-Consult

Future of E-Consult | Telemedicine for Healthcare

Smart Clinic: For the past couple years, we’ve heard forecasts of an imminent Future of E Consult and telemedicine takeover. How new accessible digital health technology will transform the healthcare industry. Common adoption of digital healthcare is no longer mere prediction, it’s becoming a reality.

Digitization of Healthcare

Digitization of Healthcare | Digital technology for Doctors

digitization of healthcare or Medical Records retention is emerging one of the key responsibility for doctors and hospitals in current healthcare environment. Medical records form an important part of the management of a patient.

Conventional vs Digital Marketing

Conventional vs Digital Marketing

The evolution of digital technology has transformed both the consumer and marketer. Digital technology provides direct access to consumers or target population to promote services and brand building. Digital technology provides multiple touch points for interaction among target population.

Conventional vs Digital Marketing

The Top 8 Healthcare Predictions/Concerns For 2019

1. Real world evidence

By 2019, nearly 50% of the healthcare companies will have dedicated resources to help and manage healthcare right from accessing, sharing and analysing real world data for use across their organization.